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Is there any treatment solution for vitiligo?

Unraveling vitiligo 

Melanocyte cells provide color to the skin, and any damage to this would cause vitiligo. This is a skin disorder that would appear for anyone at any age. White patches would appear on the particular part of the body that has been damaged. The natural skin color would be destroyed, and this could even affect the tissues inside the mouth and nose. Usually, vitiligo appears in the area, which is excessively exposed to the sun. 


Mainly vitiligo occurs when melanocytes fail to produce melanin, which is responsible for skin color. 

Other factors might include the following:
  • Heredity
  • Sunburn
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Attack from own immune system 


There could be varied treatments that would help treat the discoloration or patches on the skin and to restore the natural skin tone. The results would vary, and it will be unpredictable as it will be focused based on the severity of the condition. 
  • Medications - some medications used alone or with light therapy could help restore the skin color or skin tone. Some creams would control the inflammation when applied evenly on the affected area. 
  • Surgery - when all the other treatments fail, surgery can be taken as a last resort to treat vitiligo. Surgery will be recommended when other treatments are not showing any changes at least for a period of 6 months. 
  • Cell transplantation technology - a surgical procedure where some of the healthy cells are transferred to the damaged area or cells to get an appropriate skin color and texture. 


At Vitals Klinic, the doctor and his team provide the required and apt treatment for vitiligo.

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Does vitiligo appear suddenly?

Skin is the largest organ in the body, which acts as a shield that protects our body from external environments. It has a significant role in maintaining life and health. It is an airtight, watertight, and a flexible barrier between the outside world and the systems within the body. 


Skin also helps in temperature regulation, immune defense, vitamin production, and sensation. However, there are hundreds of disorders that can affect the skin. Any change in the hormones, medical conditions, genetic predisposition of skin type can influence the well being of the skin. Vitiligo is such a disorder that affects the skin.

What Is Vitiligo?

Our skin is made up of three layers - A thin outer layer called the epidermis, a thicker middle layer called the dermis, and the inner layer called the hypodermis. The outer layer of the skin is called Keratinocytes.

Melanocytes are the color-producing cells, known as Melanin, the pigment that determines the color of the skin, eyes, and hair. When the skin loses these color-producing cells, patches will appear on the skin and become white. This condition is known as vitiligo. These whites are more noticeable in people with darker skin. 

Does vitiligo start suddenly?

Vitiligo does not have any specific time or moment for its appearance. Vitiligo can start at any time and any age in both men and women. It occurs in all skin types and with equal frequencies. Most people will develop the condition at a younger age, say less than 30. 

The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown — conditions such as immune system disorder. Hereditary factors, single events such as sunburn or emotional distress, etc. contribute to the development of vitiligo. People with certain autoimmune diseases such as thyroid dysfunction are prone to get vitiligo. 

What happens in vitiligo?

When Melanocytes are destroyed, white patches of various sizes will appear on the skin in different parts of the body. It can also appear on the mucous membranes (tissues that line in the inside of the mouth and nose) and the retina (inner layer of the eyeball). In some cases, the hairs that grow on the vitiligo affected areas become white. 

Is it possible to manage vitiligo? 

Treatment options for vitiligo include medical, surgical, and other treatments, depending on the number and density of white patches. The objective of these treatments is to restore the color to the white patches of skin.

Medical treatments include:
  • Over the counter medicines that you put on the skin
  • Medicines that you take by mouth
  • A combination of Medicine plus ultraviolet (UVA) light 
  • Sunscreens and cosmetics to cover the white patches
  • Phototherapy and photochemotherapy
  • Counseling and support
  • Surgery
  • Cell transplantation technology 


If you are suspected of having vitiligo seek the immediate assistance of a physician for diagnosis and treatment.

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Friday, 4 October 2019

Get Rid Of PCOS Related Skin And Hair Problems

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that leads to the enlargement of ovaries and the formation of many small cysts inside it. PCOS can cause many skin problems like oily skin, adult acne, skin tags, dark patches and hair problems like excess facial and body hair and thinning of scalp hair.

Acne due to PCOS (hormonal acne) is entirely different from normal acne. General acne put on when the excess oil produced by sebaceous gland blocks the pores of the skin where PCOS related acne is formed due to the imbalance in certain hormones. Acne due to PCOS is more severe from general acne. This mainly occurs in hormonally sensitive areas like cheeks, chin, jawline and upper neck. Unlike regular acne, hormonal acne is very painful.

Treating Acne due to PCOS

We can treat acne due to PCOS through medications, laser treatments and chemical peels.  Your specialist will examine the acne and will provide you medications depending on the grade of your acne. During laser treatment, they use laser light energy to remove the outer layer of your skin. During a chemical peel, a particular chemical will be applied on the skin and it is then peeled off along with the acne and new skin will grow later.

hormonal acne treatment in bangalore

Treating Hair problems due to PCOS

Hair problems like excess facial hair and body hair can be treated using laser, electrolysis, and certain medications. When you undergo laser treatment the highly concentrated beam which is absorbed by the hair follicles destroys the hair. During electrolysis, they insert a surgical instrument called probe into the hair follicle and current is passed through it to destroy hair follicles. Hairloss due to PCOS can also be treated using certain medications which improve hair growth, through platelet-rich plasma treatment, where blood is drawn from the patient and the plasma rich blood is further injected to the scalp. Hair transplantation surgery can also bring a solution to your hair loss problem.

pcod hair loss treatment in bangalore
Are you worried about PCOS related facial and hair problems? Do not worry. Visit your specialist today, he will guide you with the best treatment. 

At VITALS KLINIC BENGALURU, our expert specialist strives to provide you with the best treatments for all your skin and hair problems.
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Monday, 25 February 2019

Put an End to Hair Fall – PRP Therapy

A majority of today’s population undergoes hair loss issue. Although it’s more prevalent in older adults, excessive hair loss can occur in youngsters as well. Early hair loss can concern our social life sinking our self-confidence. The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is a fine solution for your hair loss issues.

PRP therapy usually extends for about 4-6 weeks. Blood is collected from the patient to separate the rich plasma to be used for the therapy. Vitals Klinic presents to you, the best hair restoration treatments in Bangalore.

The PRP Procedure

1.    The area to restore the hair is marked.
2.    Local anaesthetics are used over marked area.
3.    Disinfectants are applied
4.    8-12 ml of injectable PRP is injected into the scalp
5.    The scalp is cleaned after the procedure

The procedure of micro needling is done along with PRP therapy. Micro-holes created on the scalp using an insulin syringe so as to trigger the skin’s repair process. PRP therapy induces the production of more collagen and elastin, encouraging the growth of natural hair. The therapy is much more effective to tackle hair fall as the micro-injuries made on the scalp will force the release of more growth factors that can awaken the dead hair follicles to restart the production of new hair.



•    Short recovery time and the patient can continue with his/her life
•    Minimum side effects pertaining to the soreness and redness of the skin.
•    Quick treatment procedure that ends in 60-90 mins.

It is true that there is no ideal treatment to help hair growth. PRP has made significant outreach in producing drastic changes in the field of hair restoration, PRP therapy has still high scopes for development. PRP therapy gives out the best of its effect in hair restoration when provided in combination with other therapies and medicines. PRP therapy is quite effective in male and female patterned hair loss and after the hair transplant. Decent results are found with PRP therapy, although the result may vary from person to person.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Bangalore

VitalsKlinic is the first choice when it comes to hair restoration in Bangalore. They provide you with the most experienced and trusted dermatologists in India to find the best solutions for all your hair fall-related issues. They are equipped with the latest machinery that align with the international standards of Dermatology. For more information and appointments reach out to the clinic in Bangalore.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Preserve your blush with a chemical peeling

Glowing skin always addresses beauty. From younger to older, everybody likes to shine with alluring skin especially with an attracting flawless face. Though there are many instant products available in the market, the quality and the result is suspicious. An experienced and trained dermatologist only can provide the best and safest result.

Chemical peeling is an instantaneous skin peeling treatment that exfoliates dead cells from the skin’s top layer by applying a mild chemical solution. Chemical peeling procedure greatly works out to produce a smooth and refined skin texture. It increases skin hydration level.

Do remember that all chemical peels are not the same. Some of them treat surface skin issues and others treat the concerns begin in the deeper layers of the skin. Hence, you should consult a dermatologist to know the best chemical peel for you. A great chemical peel deals with the following benefits.

Improves Acne

Studies have detailed that chemical peels consisting of salicylic acid reduce acne issue by 47-75%. The patients experienced improved acne while using a chemical peel with glycolic acid as well. Since acne is a surface skin issue, most of the chemical peels treat acne on the lighter side.

Promotes Skin Tone and Texture

Besides addressing skin issues, a chemical peel also induces the development of the fresh, new skin. It rejuvenates the overall skin tone and texture of the skin, yielding a pretty, healthy glow always.

Shrinks scars appearance

Moderate chemical peel treats both surface acne and some light scars by deeply penetrating into the skin. To diminish the appearance of strong acne scars, a deep peel shall be considered. One clinical study addressed that patient with strong acne scars were treated with a phenol peel that improved by a mean of 75.12%

Diminish fine Lines and wrinkles

By removing the skin outer layer chemical peel reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that eventually reveals out a new fresh, smooth and unlined layer. Sometimes surface wrinkles could be sufficiently treated with light peels. Based on the cosmetic goals, the chemical peel might be considered.

Addresses Pigment Issues

Melasma, discoloration, hyperpigmentation due to age spots and acne scars are excellently corrected with chemical peels. The treatment is more effective on the face, neck, chest, and hands.

Vitals Klinic, skin care clinic in Bangalore is popular for chemical peeling in BTM layout, Bangalore. An experienced team of dermatologists treats patients with advanced and international standard level techniques. They focus to improve the cosmetic look of a person always.
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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Earlobe Repair Surgery for Torn Earlobes

The earlobes are one of the weakest parts of the ear and are more prone to tearing. Many suffer from torn earlobes due to accidents, piercings or injuries. Here we will be discussing the treatment to repair the earlobe which is called as the earlobe repair surgery.

ear lobe surgery in bangalore

What is Earlobe Repair ?

Earlobe repair is performed to fix back ears that have been torn due to piercings, or other sorts of traumas. Since the earlobes are made of skin and fat, it is much more prone to tearing compared to the other parts of the ear. Earlobe repair is not for protruding ears, it can't be performed to treat such a condition.

What are the procedures of earlobe repair surgery ?

The earlobe repair surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. That is why only local anesthesia will be needed for you. The doctor will snip the skin which lines the tear, removes excess tissue if necessary and finally stitches the earlobe back to the normal condition. The duration of the surgery depends on the number of piercings and the extent of the damage. The entire procedure does not take more than an hour. 

How about the recovery post earlobe repair surgery?

Recovery post earlobe repair surgery is not that difficult. Just after the surgery, your repaired earlobe will be covered using a small piece of gauze. You can remove the gauze on the second day of the surgery, but it should be made sure that you keep the repaired area clean. You must also apply triple antibiotic ointment daily.

Until the sutures are removed, do not apply any sort of pressure on the ears. Try not to sleep on your ears. The sutures might be removed after a week following the surgery. You will be able to resume your normal activities almost instantly after the surgery.

When can you re-pierce the ear?

You will be able to re-pierce your ear after 4 or 6 weeks after the earlobe repair surgery.

Ear Hole Repair Surgery in Bangalore

So, where can you get an earlobe tear repair in Bangalore from highly proficient and experienced doctors? Visit Vitals Klinic, Bangalore for class treatments under a highly skilled team of doctors familiar with the latest advancements in the field. The main objective of this institution is the wellness of the patients and the team goes an extra mile to bring that smile of satisfaction on the patients.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Give The Best Care For Your Skin With Proper Treatments

Cyst excision or superficial swellings

Cysts are closed capsular or sac-like structures that may be filled with some material that can be semisolid, gaseous, or liquid. They can occur in tissue of any part of the body and can be of any size(microscopic to large).

Surgery is performed according to the size and location of the cyst. The cyst is excised from its bed under the effect of anesthesia with complete removal of its sac which prevents recurrences.

Scar revisions or acne scars

A scar is a result of wound healing after an injury. It can be raised or recessed and is generally different(darker) in color and texture from surrounding healthy tissue that makes it noticeable.

Although many of the scars do not impair any functioning or cause any physical discomfort to the person still some people become very conscious of visible scars and their self-confidence may be affected as a result. Scar revision surgery can help regain their confidence.

The choice of surgery depends upon the type and degree of the scar, which includes:
  • Minimally invasive procedures: subcision, dermaroller, dermal grafting
  • Surgical revision with advanced techniques in wound closure
  • Combination treatments like chemical peels, CROSS technique, subcision and lasers are used in stepwise manner for acne scars.


Mole Removal

Mole is a dark spot or skin irregularity that can be present at birth or can begin to appear over time in different shapes and sizes. They can appear on the skin of any part of the body like face, arms or chest area. They may appear in groups or can be alone too.

They can be removed by any of the following ways:
  • Radiocautery
  • Excision with or without stitches
  • Shave removal using a scalpel blade without stitches
  • Laser excision



A Wart is a small skin growth that is self-limiting and is caused by one of over 100 types of the human papillomavirus(HPV). They occur in a wide range of shapes and sizes and grow faster than normal due to the presence of virus.

wart treatment in btm layout

They can be removed by any of the following ways:
  • Radiocautery
  • Cryotherapy
  • Excision
  • Autoinoculation
  • Lasers
  • Vaccine therapy
  • Intralesional
  • Blemycin/5FU


Earlobe repair

Earlobe repair is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery. It is a quick and effective cosmetic surgery performed to correct the stretched or split earlobe. Stretching, ageing, wearing heavy earrings, deformity or injury can be the causes for damage in Earlobes.

Earlobe repair is performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting.
The real repair procedure involves cutting away of the skin lining the tear or piercing the tract, followed by removal of the excess tissue and finally suturing of the lobes back together.

The sutures should remain in place for one or two weeks.


1. Are these procedures painful?

These are usually done under local anesthesia so it shall not be painful

2. Should I be hospitalized?

These are very minor procedures, doesn't require any hospitalization

3. When are the sutures removed?

Depending upon the site it could vary from one week to two weeks

4. Does it require any blood tests?

A routine pre-surgical blood check is required

5. What is the after car?

Our expert dermatologist will guide you based on the surgery performed.

Why Vitals?

Dermatologists at Vitals, skin care clinic in Bangalore perform these surgeries only after thorough evaluation of the patient and discussing expectations and results of the surgery with the patient. Almost all the skin surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia.

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